Jul 302012

SIGHT is a fantastic project by four students from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. It depicts a dystopian near-future of completely ambient, ubiquitous, and wearable computing, eerily similar to Google’s recently announced Project Glass and the standard narrative of an internet of things environment. Great work.

Jul 262012

This is a new IoT infogrpahic currently making the rounds in the intertubes courtesy of Intel. It is a nice rhizomatic visualization of connectivity spreading into more and more devices. Interesting that the rhizome features only cars and smart meters out of all non-human associated IoT objects – I count the entire gamut of interface-rich household appliances such as smart TVs and consoles as human-centred gateways. I presume this is because these have “Intel Inside” or are related to Intel in some other way. If you add Arduino powered-objects however, the rhizome would grow exponentially [click on image for full size].